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Fields of Practice

Fields of Practice

Our team of German and European patent attorneys develops solutions tailored to our clients’ specific needs in all areas of intellectual property law. We handle litigation proceedings before the German civil courts in cooperation with internationally renowned trial law firms.

Our services include:

  • Advising our clients on all aspects of the laws and protective rights concerning patents and utility models, trademarks, designs, integrated circuit topographies, plant varieties, as well as employee inventor rights
  • Obtaining German, European and International intellectual property rights for our clients, from the filing of an application to the completed issue/registration and beyond
  • Opposition and invalidation proceedings concerning patent rights
  • Utility model cancellation proceedings
  • Opposition, cancellation and invalidation proceedings concerning trademark rights
  • Invalidation and cancellation proceedings concerning designs
  • Monitoring/surveillance of intellectual property rights
  • Management of intellectual property portfolios
  • Court litigation as well as out-of-court settlement of claims concerning intellectual property rights
  • Validity and infringement opinions
  • Consultation in licensing matters, including the preparation of licensing contracts
  • Consultation in matters concerning the transfer of technology, including the preparation of appurtenant contracts
  • Monitoring and payment of dues
  • Supplementary protection certificates
  • Technical translations